August 22nd, 2006

Mama Deb


1. SG-1 is, as you all know, not going to have an eleventh season.

I'm less sad than I would have thought. While I'm enjoying this season, I'm not so thrilled with the religion=ebil thing (although I have a really cool theory that, well. There were the Go'auld rulling things and being gods and all, and here come the children of Israel preaching One Gd, Incorporeal and really messing them up.) I would like to see Vala and Mitchell and Daniel adventuring together. Nothing against Sam or Teal'c - NEVER - but the three of them have a dysfunctional sibling thing going on that's just fun to watch.

And it's ten years old. That's forever in tv series lifespan. So, I'm okay with this. I'll miss it, but it's okay.

2. I am happy that we'll get more SGA, but I wonder how it'll be on its own.

I almost hope they get cut off from Earth again. Because it makes for more drama, you know?

3. I wrote a story for the reversathon. I wrote it for the lovely and talented novembersnow, although I didn't know it. You'll find heliotropebasil's AU Harry/Draco (PG) here: Return.

swtalmnd wrote Heliotrope a truly lovely PG-13 Remus/Sirius. But Even Jesters Cry. Go. Read it.

4. We're thinking vaguely about going to OVFF this October. We're researching planes/food now.