November 3rd, 2006

Mama Deb


To the person who will be writing for me:

My only real squick is body modification (unless it's canon). I prefer m/m slash, but I'm perfectly happy with gen or non-explicit het or femmeslash. No holiday-themed stories (for any holiday), please, except possibly Winterfair in a Vorkoseverse story.

Otherwise, I'm easy. Stick to canon as much as possible (although I like AUs just fine), keep the characters themselves as much as possible and have fun. Very very important that last - have fun.

Much love and appreciation,

Mama Deb

Friday Afternoon

I light candles at 4:32 this afternoon. I just get started a lot earlier. And I take my pre-Shabbat shower before taking care of things, not after.

So. Chili-lime chicken. Rice. Peas. All cooked or cooking or easy to do.

As for my yuletide assignment - it was three fandoms that I'd never heard of before, much less knew enough to write in, and one that - well, five minutes later, I'm doing research for a *plot*. *G* So, yeah, happy.