November 8th, 2006


It's a beautiful day

It's raining out, and gray, and I'm really not more than cautiously optimistic about things.

But even cautious optimism is a change for the better.
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    cautiously optimistic

"It's a picture of little Shmecky!"

We went to a birthday party last night. The honoree is one of the most hospitable people in our synagogue, routinely feeding many people around her Shabbat table, so Z, who is a single man and therefore a regular guest, decided she deserved a party, so he arranged it all.

He used a little dairy Italian place called "Cafe Hadar", with the fixed party menu served family style - two appetizers (hummous/techina plates and stuffed grape leaves), two salads (Ceasar and a mixed vegetable salad with house dressing on the side) and several pastas (slightly overdone for my taste, but the alfredo was amazing), and cake and coffee. It was nice. We ended up at a table with the birthday "girl"'s parents and inlaws and her youngest daughter.

I don't know where her middle daughter was. Her oldest? Had her first child two days ago. Which says that my friend already got the best possible birthday present. The title quote was her reaction to a photograph in a silver frame that someone gave her. The baby won't be named until Saturday, so she's "Shmecky."

In other news, I gave up on my Hedera socks entirely. I could not get the yarn untangled and I'm tired of these socks. I'm starting my pair of Koigu socks tonight. Plain, plain, PLAIN stockinette. Also, I started a pair of adult mittens because I needed to knit something on the bus.