December 5th, 2006

Mama Deb

Last night.

Last night, I walked into the little pharmacy about a block away from my office. I needed new scrunchies for my hair, and if I ever want to wear my new boots without socks, I need insoles. What I found was less than satisfactory, but it's a neat little pharmacy - one of those with a huge and varied inventory in a tiny space. For example, they have the entire selection of Burt's Bees products, next to shelves full of beautiful soaps - bars of several sizes, and neat shapes, in rich scents and colors. The sort of soaps you'd arrange in a basket as a gift (and, hey, I wonder if my mother-in-law would like that for a Chanukah present?)

So, I wandered around for awhile, and thought about superduper floss and fancy toothpastes and maybe getting the insoles anyway, even though I think socks are the way to go right now. You know, just...being there, I guess. And then I went to the Burt's Bees display - again, not so much a Display as just shelves - and tried out hand cremes just to do. And as I was deciding that I like the almond one better than the banana one, but wasn't going to get either, a woman walks up to the counter.

"Hi. Is your notary in?"

"I'm sorry. He's out right now."

Well, I've had fantasies about this, you know? And I was needed and, anyway, who could pass this up? "I'm a notary!"

"Do you have your stamp with you?"

"Yes." I do - I share my desk, so it lives in my purse.

She was laughing, I was laughing - it's a rather cool thing. "It is I, Notary Woman!" We ended up using a cardboard display of glycerin soaps as a makeshift desk, and there was some trouble getting my stamp to imprint properly, but we finally managed it, and she gave me $2 even though I offered to waive the fee.

And when I bought my ponytailt things, I told the lady at the counter where I worked because I know how it feels to disappoint people and notaries are thin on the ground here.

And while I was writing this post? Three people walked in a row walked in needing a notary, and were directed here by the pharmacy clerk. Since one person needed four stamps, I just earned $12.

Go, Notary Woman!
Mama Deb

Studio 60

Everyone's talking aboutHeroes,and I pretty much agree with what's been said. It's truly one of the most compelling series on today. For someone who is both an sf fan and a comics fan, that makes it very, very sweet indeed.

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