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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

It's been working very badly the last few weeks - I'd taken to keeping a book with me so that I could read while waiting for things to happen. We'd run spybot and antivirus programs and so on, but it was just creepingly slow. We are wondering if weeks of low voltage last summer hurt it.

Last night, we went to a thing at our shul (something I do plan to talk about because, oh my goodness. gnomi and chaoswrangler, have you ever heard of Edenics?) and when we returned, the computer was off. We only ever shut the computer off during thunderstorms and for Shabbat. jonbaker tried to turn it on several times, but all it does is *try* to turn on and then turn off again.

So. Anyone have suggestions for the next computer? This one was a Dell and it's four years old. (The one I'm currently using is also a Dell and it's five years old and working fine.)

Mama Deb [userpic]

Okay, it was last week. It was still an interesting episode.

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