March 8th, 2007


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Okay. I'm now very embarrassed. I wanted to "Rosie" someone, but I accidentally sent it to *myself*. Any idea on how to remove the second Rosie from my userinfo?
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*koff* *koff*

Ths started, really, Tuesday night. By Wednesday I was coughing peristantly and was having chills - and when I took my temperature last night, it was 99.8F - and my normal temp is 97.4F. So, not very good. Advil helped, though.

Now, I'm coughing, um, productively, which is as gross as it sounds, and I can't laugh. I'd rather not talk, either. Riccolas help. So did the egg drop soup I had for lunch. And now I'll make some herbal tea.

I had the flu shot, and this doesn't feel like flu, just a bad cold that settled in my chest. Which - better than my sinuses.
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It's really dumb to not take fever reducers when you hit 100.4F (3 deg above your normal temp) because you want to prove to your already convinced and bringing home dinner husband that you're really sick, right?

Yeah. I took ibuprofen. Not that dumb. Just. Close.