March 25th, 2007


Baby slash fan?

The president of our synagogue is a friend of ours, and is also a Star Trek fan. He told my husband this story yesterday in shul.

He was watching a tape of classic Trek with his 3.5 year old daughter. As characters came on the screen, he asked her who they were. "Who's that?" "Captain Kirk." "Who's the blue guy?" "Mr. Spock." You know, that sort of thing.

This being a classic Trek, and Kirk being Kirk, the inevitable happened during the episode.

"Daddy, why is he (Kirk) kissing her?"

"Because he loves her."

"But I thought he was in love with blue guy!"


Our friend says he immediately thought of me. And, "Maybe it's something that women can innately perceive." However, as far as I know, he didn't ask his wife about that.
Mama Deb


Oh, and you all win.

I've ordered the SPN Season 1 DVD.

Also, when I google for "stiff thumb", I get porn sites and stuff about arthritis. When I google for stiff thumb caused by knitting, I get mitten instructions. (And porn sites and stuff about arthritis, but mostly mittens.)

(And I'm seeing an orthopedist about it right after Pesach, which was my earliest appointment,and I'm not knitting AT ALL until afterwards. Not entirely dumb.)