April 11th, 2007

Mama Deb

Since I'm up early

Stuff from Pesach:

1. I'm trying to continue the habit of washing up directly after meals. Meaning Jonathan washes and I dry and put away. As a result, I have a clean and shiny sink, too. Huh.

2. This mean we can use real cereal bowls (once I buy cereal and milk and soy milk, I mean. Have to restock post Pesach.) We've been using plastic ones. Our dairy set has bowls, but they're clearly mean for soup - too large for cereal the way we eat it. Our Pesach dairy set (now put away like everything else from Pesach - YAY!) is Corelle and has perfect sized and shaped bowls (which will never hold cereal.) I'm already looking at replacements.com, and I've found a number of similar ones.

3. It's odd to see the counters and stove without aluminum foil on them, or the table without a cover.

4. I still have boxes of year-round stuff to put away (or maybe discard), but I have a functional kitchen again.

I hope everyone who celebrated any sort of holiday in the past week or so had an enjoyable or spiritual or renewing one. We did.
Medical stuff

Orthopedist visit

After a long cab ride which made me an hour late (and where I left my PDA - I'm still calling about that), I saw my orthopedist.

And here we see the risks in self-diagnosis. It's not trigger finger after all. It's simply tendonitis. That means rest (as much as one can rest the thumb on one's dominant hand - but no knitting or spinning or thumb typing), soaking in hot water, and 600 ml of Motrin three times a day for a week. No more than a week. I have a prescription and everything. And I'm not to wear my carpal tunnel brace because it hits me right in the wrong spot.

He expects it will be better by the time I see him again in two weeks.

Given the choices, I'll take tendonitis.


Good-bye, thamiris. She was always amazing as a writer and a person and she will be missed.