April 17th, 2007


You mean it was just *off*?

The office fax machine hadn't been working since sometime last week. It could send but it couldn't receive - and it had been grabbing the paper poorly.

So, the other receptionist called the repair people and they were supposed to come in on Friday or on Monday (they hadn't.) And I called the phone service provider to test our lines.

Today, the fax machine guy came in. And. Um.

Someone (not me - I was home) had set the machine to manual instead of direct receive. One button.

Ah, well. It needed servicing anyway.


I went again. To be precise, I went home, changed to work-out clothes (plus a skirt) and walked to the gym. Did a 30 minute cardiac program on the reclining bike. On Sunday, I finished fifteen minutes. Today I went 30, plus warm-up and cool-down and I kept my heart rate right in the zone. My thighs feel like jelly and I didn't bother with weights. And I really have to remember to take water with me. The only bad part? About eight minutes in, my MP3 player ran out of juice and I had to go it alone. There are tv sets tuned to a sanitzed Fox news station (I'm serious - sanitized *FOX*) but you need headphones to listen to it. So I just closed my eyes or watched my resistance and my heart rate.