April 25th, 2007

Mama Deb

Stuff and things

The morning started out okay, really - we cuddled and watched the second half of House together. The episode itself was sad (I'll say more in a future post), but it was nice cuddling. And then it was breakfast time.

And. I forgot to by dairy milk yesterday. In my defense, I had a fair amount to do last night, and not much chance to get to a store that sold milk. One of the reasons we only watched the first half of House was that I didn't get home until just before 10PM. And, yeah, I use soy milk, so I'm not as conscious of the cow stuff as I should be.

There were alternatives for breakfast - it wasn't a life or death thing, but it was still annoying.

And then - and I'm still not sure how it happened because I was getting dressed at the time - the cover to my dairy pyrex casserole fell out of the cupboard and shattered so hard shards flew out of the kitchen and into the living room. And there was Jonathan in the middle in bare feet, his leg bleeding. I put my shoes on and got his, and helped him put them on. While he tended to his injury (couple of shards hit him - not major, but needing cleaning and bandaging) and got dressed, I swept up the glass in the kitchen and vacuumed the living room near where I sit. He vacuumed the kitchen floor and found a couple more stray shards under my chair.

I finished breakfast and Jonathan decided he'd leave with me to get milk. Just as we get to the corner of our block, I see my bus leave. I grouse that I'm going to be late, and that I didn't even have a phone to call a cab, since my cell needed charging. That's when Jonathan, still shaken by the crash, realized he'd forgotten to load his own pockets. No phone, no housekeys, no wallet. So, we walked back to the apartment anyway, and I called a car from there. Which was a good thing, since our landlady wasn't home and he'd have been stuck if we hadn't figured that out.

It's Secretaries' Day and I get to leave a few minutes early because I have a doctor's appointment. And lunch was a peanut butter sandwich and an apple at my desk.

I'm actually worried about my appointment right now - it's for my right thumb. The tendonitis has not gotten any better. It's impossible to not use it - I've given up knitting (and I miss it) and while I do have my new-to-me pda, I'm not thumbtyping - but it's my right thumb. I need to write, I need cut food. I need to carry things! And there are times it just *hurts*.