April 30th, 2007


Gym stuff

I went to the gym twice yesterday. I know that seems a tad excessive, but there are reasons for it.

I went the first time to go to a body sculpting class. This class purports to be all the work-out a busy woman needs. It's not, of course, but it is pretty thorough - there's some aerobics, some yoga-type moves and they work with weights and rubber bands and "yoga blocks". I'm hurting in entirely different muscles this morning, which says it's a good thing. One of the toys is something called a "body bar" - a padded, weighted stick about four feet long in this case. But to me, it felt like a padded and weighted *longstick* - something I've trained with a few times in the past. When the instructor had us move it from side to side, it was exactly the same sort of movement I'd learned, so cool. I was careful to choose lighter weights and take easier options but that should change.

The afternoon - well, there had been *some* aerobics and I did work up a good sweat but I've been doing 30 minutes plus on the reclining bike and I kinda missed that. I'd sort of talked myself into waiting until Tuesday but jonbaker expressed interest in going to his gym, and if my going again to mine would encourage that - well, I'd get my bike riding in, too. Win-win.

No, I'm not getting high from the exercise. I don't push hard enough for endorphins to kick in. I just like the feeling afterwards.