May 15th, 2007

Mama Deb

So, it's all over my friendslist.

Jerry Falwell is dead.

And my feelings are complex. I did NOT like the man or much of what he stood for. I think he did a great deal of damage to American politics, and may have paved the way for the current administration (although he may also have just ridden a cultural wave.) And things he said were prejudiced and ugly. (The antigay stuff is known. He also said once that he agreed with the guy who said that Gd does not hear the prayers of Jews.) I cannot mourn his passing, although I do feel for his family and friends.

However. Whatever influence he had was pretty well past. Others who shared his views, or even more reactionary views, have long taken his place in the national dialogue. He became more of a symbol of ridicule than anything else. And I can't rejoice in anyone's death. Not even of one I do not like.