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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I went three weeks ago, but my mom came over the following week and last week I was doing the clear liquids thing, so I didn't go.

And, oh my goodness. This was. Not good.

The teacher was new. I think she was new in general, not just new to the gym.

And she was *hard* - too hard even for my rebbitzen friend, who has been taking this class for a long time - and she made no allowances for different skill levels. Nor did she explain why proper form is important - she just ordered it. Felt like a drill sergeant. I understand proper form from martial arts, but not every beginner will. And for a lot of these, I'm either a beginner or just out of shape.

An instructor like this has to realize that not everyone is on the same level, much less on hers, and that telling people to go higher when they could barely lift their legs is not going to work. She also had people *pulsing* higher, and I will NOT do that. That's asking for an injury.

I was far from perfect last time - I couldn't do everything, and I felt the workout everywhere - but I left feeling that a few more sessions and I'd be more flexible and stronger. This time, I feel discouraged. I did more and had a harder workout, and I feel discouraged.

Mama Deb [userpic]

What do you do when everyone is squeeing over something that offends you in ways that are distinctly not politically correct? (The political incorrectness is on my part, not the "somethings" part.)

I know. Just don't say anything.

But it's annoying that I don't feel free to express that opinion openly.

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