May 21st, 2007

Mama Deb

In other news:

My thumb is no better for the rest and cortisone. So I've picked up the needles again, and it doesn't hurt more. I'm not sure what's going on, but I'm currently knitting red laceweight, and it's interesting.

I'm hurting a fair amount otherwise this morning and I still can't take anything other than Tylenol. Stupid body sculpting.

I'm about halfway done with Shavuot shopping.

Yesterday, I finally fulfilled a promise and bought my mother-in-law a new hot water pot - one of those thermal pumps. She should get it tomorrow, in time for Shavuot. I bought a new one for myself at the same time because ours stopped pumping on Friday. Jonathan made our coffee yesterday with a ladle. This one has an electric dispenser as well as a physical pump. It also did not need to be toiveled (dunked in a mikveh.)

But the biggest news of all - our synagogue is about to get a new sefer torah, a new Torah scroll. It's being fully paid for by a lovely older couple who just wanted to show their love for the congregation, but they are offering also opportunities for the rest of us to buy into it. (This money will go to a building fund.) This means we can sell the parts for less money than otherwise *and* people can buy on time if they want to (interest-free financing. :))

jonbaker is on the board, and on the celebration committee, so I knew about it already, but I had tremendous fun keeping the secret until the meeting last night, resisting all the people trying to pump us for the big announcement. It was all worth it when we saw how h happy and excited the others were.

We're buying our wedding parashah. This means our names on a plaque plus a certificate. *Shrug*. We discussed buying another or a piece of equipment, but we will see.