May 22nd, 2007

Mama Deb

Mild annoyances

Can't pick up this week's comics because of yom tov. Can't pick up next week's comics without a special trip on Thursday because Monday's a federal holiday, and the comics will likely not be delivered.

Might make the special trip anyway.
Mama Deb


I cannot wrap my head around tonight being a yom tov. I think it's because I'm at work right now.

All I need to do is buy my salmon on the way home (kosher fish store, owned by non-Jews. Open late today.) and take a shower and set the lights and program the vcr to tape American Idol and House and American Idol. Plenty of time for all of that.

But I can't wrap my brain around this at all.
Mama Deb


The fish store man said they'd be open until 7:30 today. I was counting on that for my salmon for Thursday, when I have guests.

I got there at 6PM, and could get there no earlier, and they were CLOSED. As were all the other food stores. I was completely sunk - the only thing I could think was to make a canned salmon pasta salad, and while I had enough for a meal maybe, it would be very close, and I'm making pasta for Jonathan and me tonight. I called Jonathan and literally screamed at him.

I only hope he's already left work to go to a supermarket (I'll have to rinse off the fish,and Mitchell had better be satisfied if it's farmed salmon because there isn't time to go looking for anything else) to get what I need. And if I'm lucky, he'll get here in time for me to put it in the oven so I can start cooking it before Yom Tov. I want to serve it cold - I have to go to shul on Thursday morning for yizkor so I can't stay home to cook, I'm making fleishig on Wednesday night and I can't cook on Wednesday for Thursday. But if I start the cooking before yom tov starts, I'll be okay.

It's a complete and utter *mess*.

ETA;Jonathan went to Whole Food, which is on his way home. He's buying ridiculously expensive wild salmon and he'll be home in an hour. This same wild salmon? Half price at my local fish store. *sigh* But brother-in-law will not eat farmed salmon if he can avoid it, for environmental reasons.

Good yom tov!

To all who celebrate, have a wonderful Shavuot.

Everyone else, enjoy the midweek.

(Husband is home and in the shower, fish is in the oven and there are fresh flowers on the table. All is right with the world.)