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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Happiest of birthdays, nancylebov and pester!

Mama Deb [userpic]

And even while I was doing it, I was thinking how useless it could be.

Why? Because the vast majority of LJ users are still high school and college students using LJ as a social interaction network - same as fandom, but in much, much greater numbers. If we disappeared, LJ would notice. For a day or so. Because maybe the site would run a tad faster with all the communities gone. Maybe. But, see, I could be wrong, so I joined it.

Okay, I'm doing the math here. 13 million livejournals. I could be wrong, but a *generous* estimate for the fen here - 10K. That's 0.8% - and even if as much as half the ljs are actually not active or just puppets or comms (and LJ just did a purge, so who knows?) - that's 1.6% of the total.

We'll basically be showing LJ that we are essentially meaningless. Go US!

And I'm not convinced that putting notices in your userinfo will stop them from suspending your lj - assuming they even read the userinfo beyond the interests.

Question - have any survivors of child sexual abuse communities been deleted? I've heard rumors, but none of the posts that list suspended communities mention those. Because if they haven't, then it's not just interests, or maybe it's a combination of interests.

And, yeah, I did clean up my interests a little bit - I got rid of "slash", "yaoi" and "pretty boys." I also added "freedom of speech." And I archived my fiction journal.

Mama Deb [userpic]

If anyone wants, I'll do some first kisses. Give me a pairing - *any* pairing so long as I'm familiar with them.

Mama Deb [userpic]

Just to say - I have no plans on going anywhere. I *like* livejournal. In the past sixteen-odd years, I've been on GEnie, Usenet, mailing lists, webfora, chat and *here*. And I've been here since 2001 - longer than any other form of electronic interaction. It works beautifully for fandom - one's friendslist is like mailing list where *you* chose who you want to read, and it goes everywhere, but there are also places where you can focus, and you can say whatever you want (more or less) on your own journal.

I love seeing how all my interests/universes/selves intersect in a venn diagram of journals - media fandom, filk, general sf fandom, real life friends, judaism - even knitting. I especially love when people from one part of my universe get into comment discussions with people from another part. It's freaky, but I love it. And if we migrate over to greatestjournal, I'll lose that because not all of these people will migrate. So, I'm being selfish. And lazy.

But I also want to wait and see. This just *happened*. It may have been brewing for a couple months, and the rumors were running late last week, but it really just happened, and now LJ has more than just suspended communities and journals. It has a segment - one of the few segments consisting largely of outspoken and intelligent adults - up in arms. And it knows this is not a good thing. Wait and see.

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