June 10th, 2007

Mama Deb


I finally bought my suit for my mother's wedding. It took several tries - this was the third clothing shop we'd gone into (we because jonbaker was with me. He has a very good eye for these things.)

It also happened the the store was having a clearence sale but also had things in my size. And I ran into a friend of mine, so I had extra input.

I ended up with two outfits. One is "slinky" - a sort ofslippery knit. It's three pieces - a black skirt, a black shell and a purple and black jacket. The purple gloes. The skirt needs to be shortened (Jonathan: "You don't do alterations here, like in the men's stores?" Saleswoman: blank looks.), and I need to sew on a couple of buttons.

The other is a very plain plum 3-piece suit. The jacket just hits my hips, and is shaped to my waist. The skirt is a tad tight in the waist, but that can be remedied and I'm bloated right now. This skirt also needs shortening (short person here), as do the jacket sleeves. I also need to wear a shell under it. I'm going to wear this to mom's wedding, plus it will work as a Shabbos suit. I'll wear the other outfit to other weddings.

Now all I'll need is shoes (I'm thinking ballet flats) and maybe a hat. If I can find one for under $100, which is what the suit costs.