June 14th, 2007

Mama Deb

Problem about working 5 days:

I'm running out of clothes. I don't really have enough clothes for five days of work. I have enough for three-four days plus Shabbat.

I'm wearing a top I'd normally not wear to work.

This isn't a formal office - the agents come in wearing jeans and such - but I prefer to look semi-professional.
Mama Deb

As for other stuff going on in the blogosphere the past few weeks:

I might or might not have participated in zombie-day but I was feeling too ill to be creative. And reading the posts was fun. (Am feeling better now.)

But after what seems like *years* of posts about Mary Jane (and there's new stuff now) and Heroes for Hire (which I don't even read) and FanLib and Strikethrough, I can't seem to muster any energy about other fannish or meta kerfuffles. I'm blogosphered out.

I'm just going to work on my Reversathon story. You guys have fun without me.

Or maybe my brains were eaten. One never knows.