June 26th, 2007


Conterpoint Report

I am not even going to try to catch up. If anything happened in the world of LJ, please let me know.

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The trip home was pretty good - we only hit traffic on the Belt Parkway. There was one very cute moment - after a leisurely lunch in at a Maryland rest stop and missing the exit for the Delaware Memorial Bridge, so we had to turn around and find it again, we decided to stop at the first rest stop we came to in New Jersey. I pull into the parking lot, which was packed closer to the main building, so I decided to drive a tad further out, saying, "We can walk." Then I saw something. "Or we can park behind these people." I parked and honked my horn, and batyatoon, sdelmonte, ladymondegreen and akawil (I'd recognized his long blond hair) turned around.

I'd just been thinking that leaving a con on Monday reduces one's chances of meeting your friends on the road, too.
Mama Deb

Wedding Issue

I have no problems with the idea of a (generic) superheroine getting married. I have no problems with the idea of making the wedding a Special Event. I do have a problem with bachelor/bachelorette parties, but that's in general and nothing to do with comics. I don't even have problems with the bride getting all excited about the idea because, well, brides do.

I have a MAJOR problem with Dinah Lance marrying Oliver Queen. I think that *this* particular couple are better off as they are and that this marriage would end in disaster and hurt many people in the process. I really do believe Ollie would make an even worse husband than boyfriend - but makes a wonderful best friend. And I find it very out of character that Dinah would get *clumsy* at the prospect of planning a wedding.

Maybe because I just attended a wedding where the bride ran a convention at the same time and did both with grace and dignity.

And I really do believe that most of the people who are objecting to the BC/GA wedding are objecting to the same things I am, not the idea of a super wedding in general.

Yes, I also believe it's pandering to girls, but, hey, that's fine with me.