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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I've needed new eyeglass frames for over a year - I had a nasty fall and not only scratched the lenses, but also the nosepiece. Plus, the ear pieces are corroding. I didn't get them because when I went to the opthamologist last year for a baseline (diabetes, after all), he said to wait until things settled down before giving me a new prescription. Also, I like the magnetic frames with the sunglasses.

I went again last week. My right eye has changed (this is new. Until I got the progressives three years ago, I only got new eyeglasses when I wanted or needed new frames. My prescription didn't change for about twenty years.) So I need new lenses as well as new frames, and they're going to be progressives again. And I'm not getting magentic frames, as much as I love them, unless they're cheaper than getting an additional pair of sunglasses with just the distance prescription. I'm going to get as inexpensive frames as I can for that. Since the magentics with the progressives were really, really costly, I doubt it, but I'll see. Of course, that price could well be the lenses.

Our insurance does cover eyeglasses to some extent, but only one pair a year per person. That's also a factor.

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