July 31st, 2007


Words, you see, do hurt

Many of us write; all of us read. And we know words do have power because they can shape the way we perceive something or someone, they can change our moods in moments and they can cause damage that is almost impossible to repair.

This is why in Judaism, we are supposed to guard our tongues, we are supposed to not talk about other people or listen to gossip, or believe it when we hear it - because evil tongues can do plenty of hurt.

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This brings me to the events last night, with that experience fresh in my mind. I first heard of zvi_likes_tv's protest from someone who disagreed with it. Which means I spent a lot of time arguing with that person. Because the word "miscegenation" hit me hard - it's such a thankfully old-fashioned term, but it carries such an freight of discrimination and death, and I still can't understand how anyone could not react that way. And when I read what Zvi actually said and protested about, it was even worse - she wanted to change a label. She didn't say a word about the content. And to see bestiality conflated with it...oh, my goodness.

I don't understand how people at this point in our history could think such things are acceptable, or that protesting such things are censorship.

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Okay. Shutting off livejournal right now because I need to do some work.

I just want to say that this is the first time I've involved myself in a kerfuffle like this on livejournal (I've been in others, even started others, but that was ages ago and the fandom is on life support.)