August 1st, 2007

Medical stuff

My knee is much improved

I have more or less full mobility now. In fact, I've left my cane at home for the first time. I can even walk up and down stairs normally. I can see new skin growing and the flap of skin that had been tacked down is pink and healthy. There never were any signs of infection, thank goodness and Triple Antibiotic Ointment. It's still open enough to need to be covered, though, and that's the real problem.

Almost immediately, I started being irritated by the adhesive for the big band-aids. I switched to a band-aid with a milder adhesive, but it was still red, irritated and very itchy. In fact, it hurts more than the actual injury now. I have secondary injuries just from the scratching. Even when I switched (again) to gauze pads and tape - the cloth tape was only better because it covered a smaller area. And it's a stronger adhesive, so I got - get this - *blisters*. The area around the injury looks almost as bad as the injury.

I'd go without but it does need to be covered, and research told me that the thing about giving wounds air and letting them dry out? Not a smart thing. Wounds heal better if kept wet. Doesn't mean I don't just to let the skin around it breathe, but I cover it up again, and use ointment to moisten it again. Right now, I'm using paper tape with the gauze pad, and it's holding and doesn't feel itchy, so this might work.

To add to all this, my wrist-corsage on Sunday poked me with a rather sharp stem, and I have a collection of little cuts on the back of my hand, and they seem to be healing slowly and, yes, itchily.

But I can sit and use stairs like a normal person, so on balance - YAY.