August 3rd, 2007

Mama Deb

Oh, dear. Not again.

If you have a paid account, keep paying it. Or don't use non-payment as a reaction. Use it as a weapon. "If you continue with this, I will cease paying." Using it as a reaction doesn't help anything. Let the LJ PTB know that you're unhappy.

As for those moving - why? Do you really think that the other social interactive sites are immune? Do you really think that Warner Brothers/Scholastic won't contact GJ or IJ or whoever with the same demands? Do you really think those sites won't fold under threat of lawsuit, too? Because, seriously? That doesn't make sense.

(As for those who are saying, "Another weekend when the HP fen are distracted by a convention!" Find me a weekend this summer when that's not true. Oh, yeah. July 21. :) )

HP fen are being targeted because that's the most visible fandom in the world right now.

Do I support this? NOT AT ALL. Do I agree with their options? NOT AT ALL. Does what I have to say mean anything? Sadly, no. My permanent account has earned out.

I have backed up my fic journal. If LJ folds, mamadeb or mamadeb1963 will find where most people have gone and follow. But I've built up a network I love here, and I don't think I'll get it someplace else.

ETA: Thank you to the people who know the law and responded here.
Mama Deb

What LiveJournal really needs

1. If they don't already have lawyers specializing in communication law, they need to put some on retainer NOW. LJ is huge. Also, they need PR people, not random interns. They need professionals.

2. They need an appeals process. If there's a complaint, the defendent (for lack of a better term) needs to have the opportunity to state their case. If the decision still goes against them, then they have to rectify things or lose their accounts. But they need an appeals process.


I'm supposed to give a Pirke Avot (Wisdom of the Fathers) shiur tomorrow after kiddush. I've been working at it harder than I normally do - notes and everything. The person organizing this told me which perek (chapter) I'd be doing. I'd checked and double checked, and there's no possibility of confusion.

And a dear friend called and told me *she* was doing a Pirke Avot shiur at *her* shul this Shabbat. And she was doing an entirely *different* perek. These things are on a schedule, so I figured I was sunk.

No - my friend is on the proper schedule, and this would be the week for Perek Hey (Five.) But our shul is on its own schedule- we only do this when the rabbi is on vacation, and we start the first week he's gone. So I was right to do Perek Daled (Four).