August 10th, 2007

Mama Deb

I am not leaving LJ.

I'm not even planning on mirroring things - yet - on my other accounts.

But I do have them. Just in case, and because I want *my* name.


I am mamadeb on GreatestJournal, InsaneJournal and JournalFen. Anyone who wishes to friend me in any of those places is welcome to do so. I will friend you back.
Mama Deb

More on In-Laws

Mom may be released tomorrow - we've called the local Chabad so that she can spend the rest of Shabbat with them, and will contact a B&B so she has a place to stay until Monday.

Dad will probably be released on Monday. I've already called my boss so he know I'll probably take the day off to pick them up and take them back to Manhattan. We were already planning to spend the first week in September in the country with them. If dad's up to it, we'll keep to that plan, except I'll drive them up on Sunday and back when we leave. This will give them a chance to pack up the country house and close it down, prepratory to selling it.

Oh, this is so sad - they LOVE that house. They LOVE spending the summers up there, and their friends and synagogue and charities. But Mom hasn't been able to drive ifor a few years, and now Dad can't drive. It's not possible for them to be there without a car.

Thank you again for all your kind wishes. I appreciate all of them. I'm just happy they're going to be all right.