August 13th, 2007

Mama Deb

In-law update

As I said yesterday, they ended up taking a limo from Poughkeepsie to Manhattan. It cost a fair bit, but they got a very comfortable ride (in a Cadillac) with a pleasant and attentive driver - a more comfortable ride than they would have gotten in my mom's Hyundai or my brother's tiny Honda, so it really was for the best.

We got to their apartment about five minutes after they did, with a bag full of lunch and dinner. And - oh, my goodness. They are *technicolor* - bruises and more bruises, and cuts and stitches. And they keep getting more bruises, too, as their soft tissue damage works its way up. But Mom is getting close to her old self. Dad is taking a little longer, but he's also eighteen years older, and while he's mostly healed, in some ways he's still recovering from last spring's congestive heart failure (they couldn't believe he actually had it in the hospital.) He's far, far, FAR too thin. So, he's sleeping a lot and sounding not great because he bruised a rib and broke his nose, so his breathing is a little labored.

Both are pretty wiped out.

I brought baked salmon plus Israeli, cucumber (with Equal) and potato salads for lunch, and my father-in-law showed more appetite than he has in months - that dreadful hospital food, you know? And both were starving for vegetables. I also brought a take-out barbecue chicken to be their dinner, and then I took her list grocery shopping, so they're set for a few days. And while they'd rather be in Margaretville, they're much happier being in their city apartment than in the hospital.

The car is completely crumpled - it's a Subaru, and designed to do that. That, the cage construction and the seatbelts made it possible for them to be walking around. We are so, so, so very grateful.

Current plans are for me to rent a car and drive them and us up to the country house just before Labor Day weekend so they can go to a bar mitzvah at their upstate shul and get things ready for the winter. It'll be a boring Shabbat for us because we won't drive or be driven, but it'll be fine. They'll put off any further decisions until spring.
Medical stuff

On a different note:

My face is much better. The dermatologist gave me a prescription for Desonide Cream (technically for just my eyelids, but my eyes were so bad I think they distracted him from everything else) and told me to use it and NOTHING ELSE until it cleared up - just cool water. It turned out to be a reaction to the alpha hydroxy independent of the roscacea.

I no longer itch. I no longer feel the need to poke at my face. I no longer feel like it's on fire. In fact, it feels normal. I am using the cream on other areas that were affected, but those areas are smaller and smaller. And I was beginning to have trouble with my eyesight, and that's gone.

It doesn't look normal - my eyes are still a little swollen, and there are deep wrinkles that didn't exist before - but it looks so much better, and with my glasses on, it's not even very noticeable. I'm still using the cream, of course, and just washing with cool water.

So, he never gave me a chance to ask. Any recommendations for sunscreen that's sensitive skin friendly? I'm figuring I should start using that once it all clears up.

(Now if only my knee would stop leaking lymph.)