August 19th, 2007


Comic book shops and me

I'm always hearing how women *hate* going into comic book shops - they feel like they're entering a " No gurlz aloud" fanboy clubhouse, where the clerks don't look or talk to them, or if they do, it's condescending, or with the attitude that they don't know what they want, or they only want manga or something like that.

I believe them. I've seen what fanboys can be like, and it wasn't easy for me, either, when I walked into my first comic book shop with intent to buy.

And none of that happened to me. I think there are a number of reasons for that.Collapse )

I am in love with mcshep_match

It's not that the stories are extraodinarily well-written, although they are. It's not the promise of 25 days of *two* well-written stories which makes 50 well-written stories, although that doesn't hurt ONE LITTLE BIT.

It's that after I read the Team Angst story and am therefore a quivering hunk of wibble and hurt and broken, I can read Team Romance, and all is cute and happy and fun.