November 6th, 2007

birthday cake


In this case, *my* birthday.

And thank you all for your greetings - and especially thank you to the anonymous person who gave me virtual *balloons*!

The celebration actually began last week, on my Hebrew birthday (the 18th of Cheshvan) when Jonathan gave me a book. Which I am now blanking on. Bad wife. On Sunday, we paid a visit to the Vintage Book fair in Garden City, LI, and he bought me the collected letters of MFK Fischer. Sunday night, past midnight, he gave me Pete Abram's second Sluggy Freelance volume (first isn't available.) Monday morning, I got the fourth (and currently last) volume of User Friendly.

Monday night, as is our custom, we went out to dinner. We've gone to the top-of-line kosher restaurants in Manhattan - Prime Grill, Abigael's, Wolf and Lamb, even Levana's - in the past, and one recent year we tried a similar place in Flatbush.

This year, we went to Estihana, an Asian restaurant on Avenue J. And it was perfect. Being a Monday night, it was quiet and so we had excellent service (not always the case in kosher places.) We started with an Alaska roll (avocado, cucumber and salmon) - not terribly adventurous, but very nice, and then I had, for the first time in YEARS, real miso soup. Up until now, most of the "miso" soups I've gotten in kosher restaurants tasted like onion soup mix. Not this. :) jonbaker had Velvet Corn soup - very yummy. And then we shared beef sate and Vietnamese chicken and both were so delicious. And then he gave me book about the time between the Wars in Britain, as seen through Lord Peter Wimsey and - oh, PERFECT. I couldn't stop grinning.

And then we took the bus home and watched Heroes.

ETA: the book I got (and finished) last week was Terry Pratchett's latest, Making Money. Not his best work, but given the subject matter, not bad. It's really hard to make economic theory funny.
Mama Deb

In other news:

My work computer is now streamlined and very secure. Probably a good thing. I'm using meebo for AIM - so far, so good. (mamadeb1963 on AIM if anyone is interested.)

I'm not using any clients or Firefox add-ons just yet. We will see.

And. After taking Yet Another "Do you have Asperger's" quiz and scoring fairly high, my husband decided it was time to find out for sure. So we spoke to a friend of ours, a social worker, and he said his wife knew someone. So, once we get that set up, I'll get evaluated. I'm not sure if there's a real point, beyond the fact that knowing is always good. But there is that. (Jonathan scores high, too, btw.)