November 21st, 2007


And so it begins

I left work early today so I could get my comics and then get a car, because the day after Thanksgiving, we are racing the sun down to Baltimore, and that requires a car.

It's a Camry - whenever possible, I rent a Camry, or at least avoid American makes. I waited for this one, in fact. And then I went shopping in a big supermarket. I'm used to the little kosher places around here, or the medium sized C-Town in Park Slope. This was a big suburban sized store (and I still couldn't find radishes. Or bunch cilantro.) But I now have most of my produce for tomorrow, plus a jug of apple cider, and the fruits and spices and Splenda necessary for mulling. I'll dip it into a teapot for service.

And now...I shall eat something and put away my produce and make squash croutons.