December 4th, 2007

Happy Chanukah! by DarthFox


As you can see, I have my Chanukah icon out for the holiday.

My own menorah is ready for the lighting, but I'm waiting for jonbaker because I want to light with him the first night.

I have a (still slightly frozen) london broil in the broiler, I have a bag of spinach all rinsed and ready to go. I just need to slice up some garlic for it.

And. I was going to go to a local supermarket and pick up some store-made latkes. Really. Or maybe make roasted potato wedges, which would go very nicely with the steak.

Instead. I made latkes. I wasn't going to on the theory that there's no point for two people, but. I bought two nice-sized redskin potatoes, and a very small yellow onion. Why? Because I wanted latkes and because I can't make myself buy something I can make so easily. I just took out the fleishig handgrater because latkes should be handgrated. (Unless you're making them for a crowd, of course. Then food processor all the way.) Grated both potatoes and the onion,added salt, pepper, matzo meal and an egg - and not one bit of my precious flesh, either. And I shall fry them in safflower oil and they well be delicious.

I do not have applesauce, but I'm not sure applesauce goes with steak. Huh. I do have apples. And time....

And a saucepan of cut up apples and water.