January 31st, 2008

Mama Deb

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Our new beds are arriving.

Do we tip the delivery guys?

*EDIT*: We gave him $20. We're in a second floor walkup, and he had to haul two twin mattresses and two boxsprings up and the same down.

They're so HIGH! I know that will change, but right now - wow. And we didn't even get a special pillow top.
Mama Deb


I just watch a commercial for some garbage bag or other - talking about cleaning your fridge before and after holidays (yeah, a tad late, but so was House.)

So, emptying the fridge preYomtov - yes. But. Then they talked about the leftover turkey...

"Remove the meat from the bones for later and then toss out the bones..." NOOOOO!

On a different note - I practically need doggy steps to get onto my BED.