February 13th, 2008


Suggestions - Shabbat lunch

I'm looking for suggestions for a hot dairy lunch for Shabbat.

My crockpot only has a fleishig crock, and cholent for two is kind of silly anyway.

We reheat dry food in our oven - dry to us means foods that don't turn liquid when heated (such as cheese sauce) as well as those that are already liquid (like tomato sauce.) I'd keep something warm in the oven overnight if necessary, but I'd prefer not.

At this point, the only thing that comes to mind is quiche - which, btw, would be just fine - but I'll take any other suggestion.
Mama Deb

My head hurts.

There's a utility repair truck parked right outside our little storefront agency. I face the big window that is our front wall.

The lights are flashing right into my eyes.

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Mama Deb

So not my day

For a while, I was smelling something odd and burny, but figured it was the heater.

Nope. Not at all.

My CPU (which is kept in a cubby in my desk) started spewing *smoke*. Now, the computer was working fine at that point, but, well. When that happens, you shut down fast and call your computer guy, which I did.

The cpu has been unplugged and is sitting on my desk. I could not, even with help, open the case and I can't get the cable connection out.

And it smells most unpleasant in here.