February 27th, 2008



One of the problems of being a foodie who keeps kosher is that one never gets the chance to taste anything made by a celebrity chef who isn't Jeffery Nathan or Levana Kirshenbaum, unless they do some sort of special event.

So. Hung, last season's Top Chef winner? Is going to be cooking at Solo.

A kosher restaurant. In NYC.

And he's doing it in March.

And. Flails.

So long as I'm on the subject of food

We have guests for Shabbat lunch.

This is the current menu ideas:

1. Baked salmon
2. Chef's salad with spicy 1000 Island and cholent
3. cake and fruit

I'm thinking that a chef's salad will be pleasant with the heaviness that is cholent, and nicer than a platter of cold cuts. I'll add extra spice to the normal 1000 Island mixture to balance it all.

I'll buy the cake. :)

Easy, delicious and I can even go to shul.