April 7th, 2008

Mama Deb

Damn Damn Damn

Last year, my mother's husband's son and daughter-in-law said to them that they'd like to come to my house for a seder.

I was thrilled. I couldn't have been more thrilled. One thing Lenny's family does is have lots of parties and get-togethers, and Marc goes but I can't becuase they're always on Saturday. (Leaving the whole food thing out of it.) This way, we could do family things.

So. I start inviting other people to the second seder, figuring the first would be full up with family. And then I get a call saying that Barry and Linda want to have a seder the first night, and so could they come the second night? Okay, fine. Not a problem. I change the date for my other guests and we invite someone else for the second night because he gets along with my brother.

And tonight, I found out that Barry got the date wrong. Apparently, he can't read a calender. So his seder with 18 people is Sunday night. The second night.

I can't rearrange my guests *again*. It wouldnt' be fair to them - any more than it would be fair to Barry's guests to have them come the first night. Not that they can - they have a birthday party to go to that night anyway. And it's not fair to me, either. And Mom and Lenny and Marc coming the first night would mean eleven people that night, which I can't manage. And it would mean just that one guest for the second night.

Right now, they're coming on the second night without Barry and Linda, and I made them promise (not that I really believe it would happen) that they'd make a seder the first night, because that's the mitzvah. Second night's rabbinic only. And they shouldn't think of Judaism as something that only happens in Debbie's house.

I am so very, very angry. After I changed things to accommodate them, it turns out they can't read a calender.

ETA: Looks like I'm getting 9 people, including my brother, the first night, and my folks plus Todd the second night.

drcpunk and mneme, you free Sunday the 20th? I'm making chicken. And Judge Todd likes comics.
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