April 14th, 2008

Mama Deb

Pesach IV

Live Blogging

6:45: Oven on full. Big pot of hot water on stove, trying to boil. Microwave is kashered. Freezer is empty and cleaned.
7:30: Sidetable is cleaned and tableclothed. Hot water urn is kashered. All chometz is disposed of. Ten tiny pieces of pasta saved. Oven still on. Pot still cooking. Kitchen very hot.
7:45: scalded stomach by being stupid. Red, a bit of peeling, hurts. No swelling or blisters. Took wet shirt away from skin and applied cooling as soon as possible. Am IDIOT, but not really hurt.
8:10: Oven is kosher. Sink is kosher. Stomach is.. well. Vaselined.