April 15th, 2008

Medical stuff

Burn update

I scalded my stomach yesterday. It's not as pink this morning. I have a couple of small blisters and a raw area where a large blister burst by itself and peeled. I currently have a nonstick gauze pad held on very precariously - I have had a bad experience with adhesives in the past, and the skin is not good here.

I'm seeing a doctor this afternoon. Before I go home and cover everything. Which is actually all I have left to do in regards the kitchen. Time to start planning meals.
Mama Deb

Medical update

Saw the PA - for an injury, I'd rather see a PA, so this is good. 1st and 2nd degree burns and and one humungous blister (PA thought it looked "cool", and I have to agree. I *like* her.)

Pesach is the time for burns - everyone out there kashering things, be VERY careful. And use a flashlight for bedikat chometz, not a candle.

So. She said I did the right things (thank you, aunt_becca). She prescribed me an antiburn ointment which two large pharmacies, one of which has the most esoteric drugs, did not have. So I went to a local one because even though they wouldn't have it, either (and they did last month and didn't reorder), it would be a lot easier for me to pick up tomorrow. That and keeping it covered.

My current solution? roadnotes's idea. I'm using a 4" wide ace bandage. This will be over two gauze pads - one nonstick over the raw spot and one regular over it. I can shower so long as I put ointment on right afterwards. As I will not have the burn ointment in the morning, I'll use antibiotic ointment then. I'll put tape over the hooks to keep them in place.
Mama Deb

Pesach V

My kitchen is now very, very shiny - the counters and the stove top are covered in aluminum foil. I also have oven liners and fridge liners. Jonathan has put the silverware and dishes where they belong. I'm going to take a break and then we'll do the dishdrainers, the utensils and a few other things. And, as I have burned the burners, I declare my kitchen klp. YAY!