April 17th, 2008

Mama Deb

Burn update

So. I finally got the burn cream, a generic version of Silvadene. It's soft, white and gloppy, and comes in a pot, and I'm supposed to glop it on, not rub it in, and to use lots - at ;east 1/16" layer.

It feels like I'm putting a bread spread on my stomach. When I got it, and saw it, I kept thinking 'I'm going home to butter my tummy."

Therefore, it is now tummy butter.

Also, the big blister (which I was regarding almost as a pet) burst by itself. So that's gone. And the first degree burns are starting to itch. A lot. So I guess they're healing.
Mama Deb

Pesach VII

Gefilte fish is cooking. Ten pieces of challah roll are hidden all around the house, on torn pieces of napkin. When Jonathan finishes the dinner dishes, he'll play find the chometz.

Also, I have more guests for the second seder. I'll need another chicken and another box of matzo ball mix. But that's fine. And my empty fridge is now full. :)