June 1st, 2008

Mama Deb

Mr. Fix-it

Somewhere around Pesach, we noticed that our fleishig silverware drawer was coming apart. Since that is our *only* silverware drawer during Pesach, there wasn't much we could do about it. (The milchig one is designed as a silverware drawer, with all these compartments. NOT going to spend time lining it when we can fit both sets of Pesadich flatware in one drawer.)

My year-round fleishigs have sat on my kitchen table in Amazon boxes ever since, with the drawer in the living room. (Just a note - Amazon boxes are great for during-Pesach storage.)

Today, Jonathan fixed the drawer. I need to reline it with shelf-paper, but, given the rather poor condition of the wood, it's now in decent shape - he used two very long angle irons to hold it together.

We need to tackle the milchig drawer soon, but it's not as urgent.

And - I cover that table with a cloth during Pesach. It's still there. When I get my fleishigs away, I can take it off and get it washed so I can use it next year.
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