August 8th, 2008

Mama Deb

"Are you too cold?"

Yesterday, I had lunch at one of my regular places, a fleishig fast-food place called Chap-a-nosh - counter service, tables and chairs, decent and varied menu with good Chinese food. It's attached to a sit-down Chinese restuarant and a take-out/bakery. It being the Nine Days, they had a special pareve/fish menu. I go there one or twice a week, so everyone knows me and chats with me.

I was waiting at the counter for my lunch. The place itself was, at that particular moment, empty except for the workers, me and another woman eating by herself. One of the workers came to me and asked how the air conditioning was - was it too cold? I said it was fine, which it was. Well, it could have been colder, but it was well within my comfort range.

It seems that the other customer complained about it. I glanced at her. "Look what she's wearing and look what I'm wearing."

She was wearing a camisole top and shorts. I was wearing a denim shirt over a t-shirt, and a calf-length knit skirt. Plus a headscarf. My only concessions to summer were bare legs and forearms. I'd say *neither* of us were appropriate for judging the temperature of air conditioning. :)

Anyway, the kitchen is open enough that they had to keep the place extra cool or it would heat up too much.