August 19th, 2008


Not really complaining

Every morning, and sometimes in the afternoon, my boss goes out for coffee. When he does, he brings me back a cup as well. Now, I consider this a favor, not a right and I've even bought coffee for him when the situation warrants it.

And, of course, after all these years, he knows I take it black no sugar.

Today, the coffee tastes sweet. I haven't sweetened my coffee in years and it turns out I've lost my taste for it. I'm assuming that the counter guy just misheard him - I think most New Yorkers prefer milk-and-sugar (or facsimile) and it's probably amazing I don't have milk, too. I'm not worried about drinking a couple of teaspoons of sugar. It just tastes wrong to me.

This was a favor, and it's certainly not Joel's fault, and I had coffee for breakfast. Made it myself, in fact. Later on, I'll get more myself - I got some notary money, so it's basically free for me. But sweet coffee - blech.
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