September 25th, 2008


Wedding II

Yes, second wedding this week. This, also being an Ashkenazi Orthodox wedding, was very similar in *form* to the first one, but in execution, it was very different.
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Mama Deb

This is hysterical

The Great Schlep.

It's real - the idea is that young Jewish Obama supporters visit their grandparents in Florida over Columbus Day weekend, and try to talk these (often very involved, often very Democratic) people out of their doubts about Obama - mainly convinicing them he's not Muslim.

At the very least, they would have visited their grandparents. (This is actually an argument they use for going - you'll make your grandparents happy.) I mean, on their website,, the answer to "How do I go?" is, "Call your grandparents and tell them to get the couch ready." If you can't go, at least call your grandparents.

Will this help the Obama campaign? Who knows. It certainly couldn't hurt it.

Yom Tov 5769

I just bought a tremendous amount of food. And I already had some things and will get other things.

Yom Tov menus:

Givens: Challah, honey, wine, soda

Monday Night (Big Zev, Rina, her mother, possibly Michael, us):
Gefilte fish
Noodle Soup
Honey cake

Tuesday lunch (US!)
broccoli/swiss quiche

Tuesday dinner (Mom, Lenny, Marc, possibly Michael)
Pot Roast with vegetables
Pototo kugel muffins
Honey cake

Wednesday Lunch (Mitch/Jocelyn/Zoe/Wynn, Richard/Judith/Yitzchak/Chaya Raisel, Us)
New fruit
Fish (need another log, methinks)
New World Casserole (potatoes, tomatoes, oninos, chicken)
Honey Cake
Pareve ice cream

The oversized guestlist on Wednesday is because Mitch & co were to come on Tuesday, but there was a children's service on Tuesday. So they're coming on Wednesday. And Mitch says he'll even eat MEAT. If not, he can have eggs or extra fish.

Still to buy: Turkey, extra log of fish, salad greens, cheese, milk, broccoli and pie crust, baking powder (I'm making the honey cake) and apples, plus paper and aluminum foil things.