September 29th, 2008


Yom Tov 5769 Post III

Soup is simmering. Pot roast and casserole are in the oven. I used a real (read non-disposable) roasting pan for the pot roast and a very deep rectangular pan for the casserole - it fit perfectly. 4 onions, about fifteen chicken thighs, and nine potatoes, plus a can of diced tomatoes I should have added layer by layer. Doesn't matter. It'll be good. Both covered with foil and in a 350° oven.

Then I take a shower and get dressed and get lunch and more produce (just salads.) plus stuff we'll run out of during yom tov like cereal and soy milk. Next step - make the noodles for the soup and the spinach kugel since I have room for it in the oven, and the veggies for the stuffing. About three pm, take out the oven stuff, and put in the stuffing, and the kugel muffins. Remove the veggies from the soup and add water and carrots.
Mama Deb

Yom Tov IV

Taking a break.

Casseroles are done and cooling. Soup is done and sitting. Stuffing and spinach kugel are in the oven.

I have scalded a couple of fingers of my right hand. No blisters, thank God. At least not yet. Cool water helps, and I'll put on silvadene when I won't need them for a while.

One more kugel, the noodles and the turkey roast next. I feel almost done.

Final Yom Tov 5769 Post

Turkey is in oven.

I almost forgot the onion for the kugel - and since my kugel recipe is grated potatoes, grated onions, oil, eggs and matzo meal, that's a big deal. I had them in the margarined muffin tins and in the oven before I realized this. I'd even closed the oven door. But that was plenty of time for me to add the onions and all is well.

I've added carrots to the soup and cooked the noodles. Separately because who wants starchy soup/soggy noodles?

I'm going to sit for a bit before I clean off the dining roon table and put on the pads and tablecloth, and then take a fast shower. I think I'll have time to even relax with some coffee.

To all my friends:

May those who observe these days be written in the book of Life for a good year.

May all who read this journal, whether they observe or not, have a healthy, prosperous and, above all, joyful next twelve months.