October 8th, 2008


Yom Tov 5769 - Yom Kippur - food

My prefast meal:
Turkey scramble (onions, mushrooms, garlic, ground turkey, canned diced tomatoes) over noodles
Pineapple and coconut for dessert
Water. Lots of water.

My break-fast:
V-8 (mixed with seltzer) or Crystal Light Hydrate dissolved in spring water
Wheat crackers

Lentil soup
leftover turkey scramble

Yom Kippur

Signing off soon - probably until Friday morning.

If I have offended anyone in the past year - especially this past year - I beg your forgiveness.

May those who observe this coming day have an easy fast, may those who do not have a good Thursday.

And may we all be sealed for a good year of health and prosperity.