December 3rd, 2008

Mama Deb

Not this again.

Every so often (like every two weeks, it sometimes seems) someone hits on the "new" idea that people against homosexuality are hypocrits because they only read this one line in the Jewish Bible and no others. Hilarity ensues. (This meme has been around forever. Why do people treat it like someone came up with fresh each time?)

And, yes, they are. Either you believe that Christianity makes the Torah laws moot (other than those specifically referenced in the NT, I guess, plus, for some reason, the Ten Commandments) or you believe they are still in force, which contradicts the NT. (Not that people who aren't Jewish are liable for those laws anyway, but let's pretend they're for all the nations, not just one.)

So their point is, actually, right.

Except. They do it by *making fun* of those silly Torah laws that NO ONE follows, such as kashrut or shatnez, or maybe laws that aren't followed because they were voluntary in the first place - *if* you do this thing, this is the way to do it. If you don't do this thing, just move along to the next verse, although take a lesson in proper behavior along the way.

Unless - I couldn't get past the shrimp in the current video - they say something about converting to Judaism - that they know that there are people out there who actually obey these laws.