December 24th, 2008

Medical stuff

Dental Update

I had a filling replaced yesterday. The anesthetic wore off just in time for dinner. While he did this, another chunk of the adjacent tooth broke off.

I have plaster-of-paris teeth.

Anyway, starting in January, I get two teeth capped. And. That's it. No root canals or oral surgery. Okay, he's worrried about that one wisdom tooth that's lying on its side (the other two that actually formed were removed decades ago) but this will conclude the immediate needs.

And my gums keep looking better and better.
Mama Deb

Chanukah Dinner

The big family party ("family" being jonbaker's mother's side) has been postponed until January, because there are only two houses big enough to host it, and one household is in Israel meeting new baby granddaughters and the other is in the middle of grant proposals.

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Mama Deb

A first

I just uploaded a Yuletide Treat.

Someone requested a story I've been wanting to write, so. She has it now. Yay.
Mama Deb

It's Dec. 24th

I should be bored and unhappy and complaining about things and...

I'm not. Not complaining, either. :)

My lights are lit. I'm planning a nice dinner (chicken breast filet,fresh broccoli, noodles with lemon and parsley.)

And I wrote over 2000 words of story today. Half of those in about 30 minutes. And it was so much *fun*. I haven't done that in ages.

My family is coming to my house on Sunday, when we light all eight candles. It's going to be lovely. I asked my brother to bring apple chutney. Because apple chutney is yum on potato latkes.

Tomorrow, Jonathan has shiur (he's taking religious classes for the next week. It's a lovely thing) and I'll do some shopping - stop by the school to drop off tuition, maybe check out the local yarn shop, have some nice lunch. Go food shopping. Finish my mittens.

What could possibly be better?

May all who celebrate tonight and tomorrow have a lovely holiday, full of all and only good things.
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