December 29th, 2008

Mama Deb

Chanukah is over

And I'm back to my lovely normal default.

Other news: Mom is still in the hospital. They were supposed to give her a stress test this morning, but she'd been fed breakfast, so they couldn't.

Note: she has yet to be admitted. She's in a room in a middle ground between being admitted and the ER because they're seriously out of beds. She slept in the ER last night - very badly, too. She's more comfortable now. It helps that she volunteers in this hospital, in the gift shop. EVERYONE knows her. (And it's where she met my stepfather, also a volunteer. Everyone is tickled that they got married.) She gets treated very well. They're trying to find the source of her chest pain, since her heart (Thank Gd) is fine. She'll get the test tomorrow - no breakfast, thank you very much.

I also paid my cooking school tuition.

How are you all doing?