January 26th, 2009

Medical stuff

State of the MamaDeb

The knee I skinned a month ago is finally healed - it's just some discolored skin on my knee. It's a good thing I cover my knees - both are *ugly*.

My right hand is not happy - between the new laptop, knitting and holding my chef's knife in a death grip for fine cuts, the carpals are tunneling. It is better, though. I've taken to wearing a support glove when I type and knit, and a brace when I sleep, and these are helping.

And, just to make life more fun, I had a rosecea flare up, too. This I controlled right away with some Desonide ointment, plus I finally used the Aveeno BabyExcema wash that my dermatologist recommended. It worked very well, so my face is not bothering me at all.

I did cut a finger today, but it's a left finger and while it hurts, it should be fine. It's amazing I haven't done this before. So, no problem.

I still have my temporary cap in my teeth, and will for two more weeks. Not bothering me and not a problem.

Changing my breakfast to include more protein has made a huge difference, but I seem to have more stamina for other reasons - I'm getting used to standing all day. This will change, since I finally got my steel-toe work shoes, and while they are VERY comfortable, they are heavier than my other shoes.

So, a tad battered, but overall, I'm in good shape.