March 10th, 2009


To jonbaker

18 years ago today. Chai. Life.

I loved you then. I love you more now - your gentleness, your kindness, your support, your unwavering love no matter what. Your wisdom.

I had no idea how fortunate I was to have found you.

May we have many, many more days like this.

I love you, Jonathan.


My lamb and beef stew is quietly cooking away. I'll be making tri-color couscous and salad to go with it, and a guest is bringing a cake. We have wine and beer as well as soda for the table. Which I need to clear off and put a tablecloth on.

We delivered our mishloach manot bags together, knocking on neighbor's doors. Three times, we were invited in to chat for a bit. The last time, at my husband's teacher's house, I got to sit and chat with the lady for awhile over a cup of coffee.

Meanwhile, the streets are full of people - kids and adults - in costume. I wore mine (just my school uniform) last night. I saw a walking Purim basket, I saw brides and princesses and a VERY impressive Queen Elizabeth I. I saw ninjas, pirates and police officers. I saw a little girl dressed as a maid, and another dressed as a cheerleader, and neither of those costumes were sexy or offensive in anyway. The cheerleader's skirt covered her knees. It was all very adorable.

I'm feeling very connected to everything, which is nice.

(Oh. I gave my husband a present - a glass kiddush cup. It's a plain glass cup - no paint, no appliques saying "Borei Pri Hagafen" - that screws into a graceful blue enameled stem. Yes, the cup is *replaceable*. The stem has some gems but it's relatively simple and, well, what's a more appropriate gift if your anniversary falls on Purim? Especially since we've been using regular wine cups to make kiddush - we've been drinking good wine, which is a shame to pour into silver.)
Mama Deb


My mother-in-law gave me, as an anniversary present, two pieces of family silver - covered rectangular relish dishes. They were her grandmothers, they were her mothers and now she gave them to me. (Correction - was a wedding present to her mother. Okay.)

They're beautiful pieces - things you don't see anymore. And instead of getting them in a time of sadness, I got them in a time of joy.

I cannot say how much this means to me - that she gave me this part of her family. It's amazing. It's wonderful.