April 8th, 2009

Mama Deb

Pesach 5769 IV

After doing the sun thing, we went home and went to sleep. Woke up at eleven or so.

Currently - charoset made. Eggs cooked (need to roast one.) Matzo balls cooking. Need to buy mushrooms, spinach and fruit. Then - stuffing and turkey. Set table, take shower. Set lights.

Not signing off just yet, but will soon.

Pesach 5769 V

Turkey is in the oven. Dressing is made - and I don't have the right sized pan for it. So. I am Making Do. Which is what you do for Pesach. To come - steamed asparagus and roasted sweet potato wedges (possibly in the same pan as the stuffing.)

And the matzo balls were sinkers, so I'm seeing if I can recook them.
Mama Deb

Final PrePesach 5769 Post

Just a shower and a tablesetting away from being finished. May relax for awhile before doing the tablesetting thing.

At least tomorrow will be relaxing. Shul. Dairy lunch. Long afternoon for naps.

And I need to do my eruv tavshilin NOW.

May those who celebrate it have a wonderful Pesach! May all who don't have a wonderful rest of week. (Or a meaningful Good Friday for those who observe that.) See you Saturday night or Sunday.