April 13th, 2009

Mama Deb

Today in Bad Fic Theatre

I stumbled upon a listing of Harry Potter recs about disabilities. Among them was a true gem - Harry is blinded between 4th and 5th year. Which was probably when this was written.

So I will completely forgive the Snape Manor.

I will even, with great effort, forgive that Harry is still being locked in his cupboard, even though he hadn't been since the first book.

Uncle Vernon raping Harry? Not so much. Uncle Vernon *blinding* Harry? Well, it's the plot of the story, so okay.

Harry, now kicked out of the house, wandering around blind and starving, living off grass, berries and ditchwater for three weeks?...Um.

He finds his way to Snape. Who DOES NOT recognize him. Who thinks he's a *girl* because his hair is long, since wizards never have long hair.

And even when that's cleared up, he still DOES NOT RECOGNIZE HIM. He sees the SCAR and DOES NOT RECOGNIZE him.

And yet, I still was not tossed out of this story.

What did toss me out?

"When he had taken care of Laures' injuries as much as he could for the time being, he searched for some pyjamas that would fit him best. Eventually, he dressed him in a pair of his that he used to wear when he was younger, when he had been young."

(Laures is the phony name Harry gave Snape - the first name that came to mind, you see. And a name Snape recognizes as not being a girl's name. Which is true, because it's not a name.)