May 12th, 2009


Knives and Fire Internship Day 14

Day 14

Eggplant. Again. I'm getting rather good - I'm making the slices the right size, and the frying went better - faster and more controlled. And I used two trays. Then I helped make roasted vegetables (cut into smallish pieces, toss in oil, salt and pepper and bake. Make sure not to burn, which is what happened to the first batch (not my watch.)

Then I helped make granola - I took already roasted oats, and mixed them with cashews and pumpkin seeds that I roasted, plus oil, maple syrup, golden raisins (no dried cherries or cranberries, unfortunately) and some cinnamon sugar, and then baked it for about ten minutes. Very yummy. (To make the oats, mix steel-cut oats with oil and bake until brown. Careful not to overcook.)

Knives and Fire Internship Day 15

Day 15

Today, I used my knife. First, Chef had me cut crudites - celery, carrots and cucumber. When that was done, I finished rough-chopping a case of red peppers. That was followed by making macaroni sets (mixing cooked elbows with roasted vegetables and filling 16oz containers.) I labeled them and the cheese sets and put them away.

Then I dished cupcake batter into muffin tins lined with paper. Then I cut up still warm potatoes for salad (note - two pair of latex gloves help a lot with this.) However, Chef already made some and told me to put my potatoes away for tomorrow, which I did.